How Important Is Social Media To Business?

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Social media is only important to your business if that is where your customers are.

Social media has become a big part of our lives and many users visit it daily. In social media we talk with our “friends” and take their opinions on board when making many of our decisions. We trust what they have to say and it can sway us when we need to make choices.

The key to social media is to be “social”. Then to –

  • Engage with your customer
  • Write relevant content
  • Be consistent
  • Don’t try to sell
  • Build a relationship with your knowledge.

Social Platforms in Brief

  • Facebook it is still the platform of choice and is the largest player in social media with the largest number of users. On Facebook having a relevant image is what will impact your efforts the most.
  • Twitter is all about short and sweet with the largest growing demographic being the 55 – 64 years old. Using hashtags (#) can help to bring traffic to your twitter page as many people search this way online.
  • YouTube – 3 billion videos are viewed each day. Google owns YouTube and Google loves to see video on your website so place it on YouTube and embed it on your website. Videos are placed highly in search results. Try to teach your customer what you know.
  • Pinterest – A place to create a collection of boards to pin images online. This platform is highly used by women and can help to drive traffic back to your website. A favourite for visual industries like the building industry.
  • Instagram – The photo sharing platform is all about images of what you are doing now. It has a younger crowd of users with 90% aged under 35 and skewed toward women. Instagram is owned by Facebook.
  • Google+ – A platform that is slowing growing and is owned by Google. Google authorship will help here in your search results.
  • LinkedIn – This is a platform for professional so if you are a business to business company this is a good place to spend your efforts and invest time.
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