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A picture is worth a thousand words when blogging.

Adding an image when blogging is an absolute must. It adds interest to the reader and attracts attention in a busy world. Your images need to be relevant and of high quality. A clean crisp image leads your visitor to find out more.

Images evoke emotion and engagement and this is what you are after.

When ever I’m blogging I will look for an image to say just the right message, often looking for over an hour to have just the right feel. One of my favourite stock photo libraries would have to be iStockphoto or sometimes I will create the image I need on my iPhone.

Getty Images is another fantastic quality library full of digital media to buy and use in your next project. They have just released a new feature of embedding images right into your posts for free. This will leave a link from the image to their website and give you great images to highlight your posts.

But as always you much consider this is effectively giving them links / advertising on your website as the link leads back to their them. Would it be better to buy the image outright and have no links? A question to weigh up.

Here are a few fantastic images of designer bathrooms around the world to show you how it works –


All images are embedded via Getty Images – A great idea to add quality images when blogging.

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