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Web Design 3 Key Areas

– Target markets
– Customer expectations &
– Answer customer problems.

How do you rate your website? Is your web design fantastic? Does it look better than your competitors? Is it working as a 24/7 salesperson and bringing in leads to your business? If your web design is not working hard then, why not?

Marketing Principles Apply

The basic principles of marketing apply online. Understanding your target market and delivering web design that meets and exceeds their expectations puts your business in a strong position.

New visitors to your website are looking for winning first impressions and you only have seconds to capture their attention before they might leave. Your web design must meet their expectations in layout and your navigation (menus) must be intuitive.

Intuitive Navigation

How many times have you been to a website and you just can’t find what you’re looking for? Out of frustration you leave. A bad website will be dismissive, it will turn customers away and it won’t win you any sales.

Have a Clear Message

Websites that are too complicated and have too many things going on can confuse customers. Make sure you have one maybe two key elements / items you want your customer to do when they land on your website. E.g. sign up to your newsletter or go directly to your new offer.

Answer Problems

As a customer to a website you are coming with a problem, you might be in the market place to buy something or you might just want to get information. So when a website doesn’t do this, you leave. A great website talks to its customers and answers their problems. It’s their solution – your company and website needs to be this answer.

One of the key focus points for Google is to provide information to the user. They are looking for websites that meets customers’ needs, desires and frustrations. As Google is the largest search engine used worldwide we want to make Google happy, which in turn will help our businesses, so provide information that your customers are looking for.

Customer Focus

A good place to start with this is to remove the word “we” from your website and turn your text around to talk about your customer. E.g. Instead of saying “we won this award” you could say “do you experience ……. “And “have you ever….” Both these questions make the customer reading feel you are talking to them, if they have experienced these issues they will read on.

So understand who you target market is and create a website that they would like, design it so they can find everything they are looking for and answer any questions they might have.

Be Social

Then once you have the content answering your customers’ problems, share it on social media to increase your reach.

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